Sponsors / Supporters

“Engineering is at the heart of most human endeavour, and to integrate it in this way to specifically address the problems of the developing world is admirable and to be encouraged. I salute this brilliant and original idea.”

Bill Nighy, Actor and Oxfam Global Ambassador

Nighy has been actively involved in the Make Poverty History Campaign and starred in The Girl in the Café, a Richard Curtis film made as part of the Campaign. Nighy plays the role of a senior civil servant whose young companion confronts the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at a G8 summit, over the issue of developing countries debt and poverty in Africa.

“We wholeheartedly support your international development focused plan for the Apprentice Scheme in your Presidential year, and are proud to be a sponsor.”

David Nickols, WSP (formerly President of MWH, EMEA)

“I am delighted to contribute because it is vital that engineers understand the link between international development and climate change.”

Chris Jofeh, Director, Arup


We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous contribution towards ICE’s 2009-10 President’s Apprentices scheme and the creation of this toolkit.